8 enero, 2018 Trajes Tipicos Mapale

Typical Costumes

Simply our specialty is the making of typical costumes.

We are factory point and have more than 30 years of experience in making typical costumes, in what for us is an art, so we can tell you that:

We made the costumes based on the costume's biography.

For this reason, we consider the customs of the region and the essence that seeks to characterize in the most reliable way the wardrobe.

We have experience in the elaboration of costumes typical of Colombia and the world.

We work with multiple techniques and different materials. From fabrics in different types, as well as foams, fiberglass, fabrics, finishes with accessories, among others.

We can make your designs and/or adaptations that you require.

We like challenges, creative ideas and innovating.

Buying typical costumes will always be linked to art and culture.

Yes for some reason right now you're thinking about this. It means that you support or support art and culture, which we consider important to nurture in our society.

That is why we more than sell you a costume, we are in total disposition to help you, so that your wardrobe meets your expectations in quality without forgetting the budget.


Advising you is our virtue!

If you need additional information on materials, garments, biography. A consultant will have the pleasure to contact you to resolve any doubts you may have.

Which is the most important thing for us

We are a family business, which makes the costumes with passion and affection, so what we want is to be recognized by your side to accompany you more than as suppliers, as allies!. This leads to a little more involved in understanding so that you require the costumes and use that you are going to give, so that your investment is as profitable as possible.

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